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«Zhygulivske » from Uman

«Zhygulivske » from Uman

Beer with the taste of classical traditions, with which you will dive in the memories of the past
Light filtered beer has mild taste of malt beverage with hops bitterness. The transparent barley color and the brightly composed bunch of flavors of foamy beer does not leave indifferent even those who do not usually consider themselves a fan of beer. Beer made from light barley malt Pilsner type using bitter and aromatic varieties of Ukrainian hops
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The content of alcohol
4,2 %
The average value of bitterness in beer
12-18 EBC
The content of dry substance in the initial wort
11,0 %
Фоновое изображение дегустации «Zhygulivske » from Uman

The beer from traditional line will best reveal its aromatic taste at a temperature of 8-10 ° C. Ideal for use with "Zhygulivske" will be steaks or grilled sausage. Also this beer will be delicious with different nuts

Make well - take well
«Pshenychne» light
«Pshenychne» light
The content of alcohol 4,4 %
The content of dry substance in the initial wort 11,0 %
Beer for lovers of fresh and mild taste
The content of alcohol 6,5 %
The content of dry substance in the initial wort 16 %
The beer for those, who like sweet aftertaste of a honey drink