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About the company
Ukrainian traditions and German technologies
Uman beer is an exclusively natural product, made according to old Ukrainian and German recipes.
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The perfect solution

A little background…
The idea of ​​tank beer first appeared 35 years ago. It was then that while servicing the pipeline systems at several breweries, employees of the Van Alst machine-building plant tried to solve 5 key problems:
- loss of beer
- excessive staff workload
- long-term disinfection of pipelines and kegs
- maintaining high quality beer during delivery from the brewery to pubs.

Tanks that conquered the world

In 1985, technological engineers and brewers in the Dutch town of Vaalre set out to find the best solution. And created Duotank technology. Its peculiarity is that the beer, directly from the production facilities, falls into a special tank (tank). There, the drink is stored at the ideal temperature in special disposable polypropylene bags.
After the production processes of wort brewing, fermentation and fermentation, fresh beer is poured into these special containers - tanks (volume 500 liters). Inside the tank, the drink is in an airtight environment, has no contact with external factors and enters the glass of consumers in its original form, which means maintaining high quality and aroma of freshly brewed beer.
This solution was ideal for all breweries that were far from the cities, but so wanted to treat their connoisseurs with quality and always fresh beer.
The technology developed by Dutch brewers quickly became popular throughout Europe. You can taste beer from Duotank tanks in more than 45 countries around the world, because it has already become a real trend.

Directly from the brewery "Umanpivo"

We always do everything for the perfect beer. That is why, moving forward, we preserve the best traditions and combine them with modern technologies.
So that in Ukraine connoisseurs of intoxicating drink could enjoy the taste of fresh beer from UmanPivo, we chose the Duotank system for transportation and storage of our beer.
A year ago, UmanPivo brewery invited Gerrit Blumelhuber, deputy director of the German Doemens Brewing Academy, a microbiologist, technologist and leading consultant at the academy, for an audit. The best reward for this friendship and cooperation was the new beer, which has its incredible taste and lightness - "Tank Beer TANK BEER".
This is a light unfiltered and unpasteurized beer of the Lager type from light barley malt and 4 varieties of hops. The strength of the drink is 4.5% vol., The dry matter content in the initial wort is 11.5%. The beer has a rich malty taste in combination with a light hop bitterness.

After the production processes of brewing, fermentation and fermentation, the beer is poured into special airtight containers - tanks. And unfiltered, unpasteurized, fresh, clean beer goes to your place.
"Tank beer Umanpivo" is not just beer, it is a perfect union of beer traditions and modern technologies.

TECHNICAL INFORMATION about the Duotank system

Tank beer - not just beer. Tank beer is a combination of product and modern technologies.
1. During the whole process of moving beer from the brewery "UmanPivo" to the institution, it is under pressure in a sealed environment.
2. Inside the tank there is a special package of unique design, which does not allow air to the beer and absolutely does not affect the taste and quality of beer, environmentally friendly and meets all European standards.
3. Beer is stored in ideal conditions - at maximum sterility and stable low temperature and without access of air.
4. Within a few hours we deliver fresh beer directly from the brewery to the store chilled and high quality.
5. Before and after each delivery, the system is flushed in the car for 1.5 hours.
Thanks to this technology, the beer remains in its original form: "from brewery to glass" - and you enjoy the authentic taste of beer, as if you were in the brewery.

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