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"Tank beer Umanpivo" - the perfect solution for the perfect serving of the perfect beer!

We always do everything for the perfect beer. That is why, moving forward, we preserve the best traditions and combine them with modern technologies.

Tank beer "Umanpivo" is not just beer. Tank beer "Umanpivo" is an ideal union of beer traditions and technologies.

Why? We tell:

So, get acquainted: "TANK BEER Umanpivo" is a light unfiltered and unpasteurized Lager beer brewed from light barley malt and 4 varieties of hops. The strength of the drink is 4.5% vol.,. The beer has a rich malty taste with a slight hop bitterness.

We remain faithful to the Bavarian law on the purity of brewing - so we brew beer exclusively from natural ingredients. Water + barley malt + 4 fragrant varieties of hops - this is our formula for the perfect TANK BEER.
Directly from the production facilities, the beer enters the transport tank - Duotank Holland. All this happens without contact with air, which allows you to maintain freshness, taste and purity, without using additional CO2 saturation, pasteurization. From the brewery to the store Tank Beer goes in a completely airtight environment, with ideal temperatures. And in a few hours our beer is in your store and ready to get into a glass so that you can enjoy the authentic taste of beer and feel at the brewery.
This comprehensive solution implemented with the Duotank Holland system allows you to transport and store "Tank beer Umanpivo" always chilled and fresh without contact with air.

Interesting facts about TANK BEER:

  • Brewed according to the law of purity of brewing, so it contains only three components - water, malt and hops
  • Brewing barley is grown in its own fields
  • Four fragrant varieties of hops, specially imported from Germany and the Czech Republic
  • At least three weeks of ripening days
  • Duotank technology - Contactless delivery directly from the brewery

That is why Tank beer Umanpivo is a perfectly fresh and truly live beer.