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 Sofiyivske blond ale

Sofiyivske blond ale

Light straw straw, made according to the recipe developed by Uman brewers. A drink with a soft and delicate taste and a light aroma of orange peel.
This is a light, unfiltered, light straw-colored top-fermented beer. It has a delicate malty taste and a faint touch of pure bitterness with citrus notes. The bright drink forms a stable foam of a beautiful cream shade. Selected malt of own production of finely aromatic German hops, soft brewing water and sweet orange peel is used for production.
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The content of alcohol
4,0 %
Glass 0.33L/pack 20 bottles
Фоновое изображение дегустации  Sofiyivske ale blonde 0,33 L

After tasting Sofia Blond El, you will feel the unforgettable pleasure of real blond el beer, which will be enjoyed by the fairer sex. This delicious variety goes well with a light snack: shrimp cocktail, seafood and fruit desserts.

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