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About the company
Ukrainian traditions and German technologies
Uman beer is an exclusively natural product, made according to old Ukrainian and German recipes.
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Business in spill beer
Here are some important recommendations that will help you open a successful beer business and call for cooperation.
Sofia Box 0.33 L

Sofia Box 0.33 L

Sofiyivske blond ale 0,33
It is a light, unfiltered, light straw-colored top-fermented beer.
To buy in the store
Glass 0.33L/box of 6 bottles
A drink with a soft and delicate taste and a light aroma of orange peel, created for easy drinking.
 Sofiyivske blond ale 0,33
Sofiyivske blond ale 0,33
The content of alcohol 4,0 %
Packing Glass 0.33L/pack 20 bottles
This is a light, unfiltered, light-straw top-fermented beer.