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About Uman brewery that has kept the composition of natural lemonade

About Uman brewery that has kept the composition of natural lemonade

News 26.11.2018
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About Uman brewery that has kept the composition of natural lemonade

Uman brewery, which was established in 1878, started the production of soft drinks in 1926-1927. Fortunately, neither the revolution, nor the war destroyed the tradition of Uman brewery of producing soft drinks of exceptionally natural raw material as well as beer.

In the soviet period producing lemonade was possible only of natural ingredients (because there were no cheap and harmful food chemistry had not been discovered). Clear water, natural fruits and sugar – is the whole secret of delicious soviet lemonade.

Uman enterprise had completely satisfied the demands of Uman population and adjacent districts in beer and sweet carbonated beverages for many years.

But in 1990s Ukrainian market was seized by earlier unknown bright and fragrant carbonated beverages made with the scheme: powder of coloring agents and aromatizers + water.

It was interesting to everyone to taste «the wonder» of food chemistry, but they did not think about the harmfulness of such drinks at first, and later they did not pay attention to it, because soviet lemonades in glass bottles did not seem modern.

We noticed the reduction of demand for lemonade in glass bottles and decided to finish its production.

Bailout despite market laws

However, Uman municipal administration пasked «Umanpyvo» not to follow the demand and continue producing a small amount of lemonade at least for internal Uman demands. Anyway, we did not regret that followed that request, maybe because of nostalgic reasons, maybe because of realizing that enthusiasm for sweet water with food additives would have passed.

Really, everyone understands now the importance of natural nutrition. But there appeared a new problem – where to find them?!

Although «Umanpyvo» has not phased out lemonade of production and has not changed composition and technology of its production, we have kept our competence in producing natural lemonade.

«Buratino» and «Cheburashka» flavor is familiar to senior generation from their childhood and is almost strange  to modern children, we accurately reproduce thanks to the exact following of soviet composition.

Ingredients remained unchangeable: clear water, natural fruits and sugar. There are no sweeteners, coloring agents, stabilizers and food additives. There are only natural traditional ingredients.

Today the demand for natural Uman lemonade has been increasing so quickly that we are to expend the production.

Delicious natural lemonade has satisfied the taste of people in different parts of Ukraine as well as in the soviet period. We produce lemonade not only in glass bottles (a traditional green bottle), but also in kegs for facilitation of delivery.

This is the history about that, how the enterprise «Umanpyvo» has kept the composition of real natural lemonade.

So grandmothers and grandfathers now remember a sweet taste of their childhood and little children have an opportunity to travel with a time machine. You can recollect or feel the flavor of the best soviet lemonade just tasting «Lemonade» from Uman, from «Umanpyvo».