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New awards in 2017

New awards in 2017

News 02.11.2017
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New awards in 2017

The list of achievements of company «Umanpyvo» is enlarged by new medals

The company «Umanpyvo», which has more than 100 years history, has gone through the long way of its establishment and development. During this period the production of one of the best national breweries has gained new strong turns, without losing its high production quality and even with enriching it with novelties.

Traditionally, brewerers of the plant take part in the Beer Fest, which is annually held by Ukrainian  industrial joint-stock company «Ukrpyvo». So, this year the list of achievements has also gained five more rewards. The plant got three golden medals for achievements in the high quality production:

* for high quality of Cider – Cider «Golden Lemon», «Apple Cider» («Golden»), for high quality of light beer – «Waissburg Light» not filtrated;

And two bronze medals:

* for high quality of light beer – «Zhyhulivske» from Uman, for high quality of a soft drink – «Lemonade» from Uman.

These novelties immediately became popular among consumers! So, taste it with pleasure!