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Interview with a head of producing laboratory of the enterprise «Umanpyvo»

Interview with a head of producing laboratory of the enterprise «Umanpyvo»

News 25.04.2015
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Interview with a head of producing laboratory of the enterprise «Umanpyvo»

Busy people do not like talking and be distracted from their deal.

But we decided to tell to connoisseurs of production of the enterprise «Umanpyvo» about our collective, technologies and workers’ attitude to work.

A head of producing laboratory Shavarina Nina Markivna agreed to give a small interview.


Shavarina Nina Markivna,
a head of producing laboratory of the enterprise «Umanpyvo»



 – Nina Markivna, tell us, please, about your position at the enterprise and how long have you worked there?

– Today I work at the position of a head of producing laboratory. I came to work at this enterprise in 1973, two times I quitted my job but returned, because my husband was military, so we had to remove. Total service is 38 years.

 – What was the most difficult for you during your work at the enterprise?

– I came to work at the enterprise when I was a 20-year old girl, when finished Lviv Technical College of Food Industry and studied in the educational institution only theory, I did not have practical skills at all. I worked as a wort producer at first, later I worked at a bottle washing machine.

There was an old «soviet» enterprise; beer had shelf life 4 days, later – 7 days.

 Laboratory collective 

 – What does it mean for you to be a professional?

– Being a professional means having theoretical and practical skills, skillfully lead the production.

 – What does betray a layperson at work?

– It is immediately evident, a layperson often has only theoretical basis, practical skills are absent.

 – What is your favorite beer sort out of products of the enterprise? Why?

– My favorite sort – «Uman Smoke-Dried», because exactly that beer has its raisin, its smoke-dried flavor.


 An engineer of raw material Butenko Tamara Markiianivna at work

 – Describe briefly your working day. How long does your shift last

– I come to work at 8.00 and I gat into the routine of my favorite work …

 – Tell something about the equipment you work with

– We control the whole process of production, starting with cars with barley, to the total analysis of the ready-made products at casting; and also the influence of the regime of malt growing, malt drying processes and wort boiling, yeast quality on the process of post-fermentation, filtration quality etc.

An engineer of ready-made products quality Kondrakova Tamara Oleksandrivna

 – What is hobby after work?

– I like growing flowers very much, I have a great amount of  different rose, cyclamens and petunia varieties at my country house. This is my delight.

 – How do you react when acquaintances complain of the quality of a concrete line of beer?

– As it is said, «a consumer is always right», so I try to react adequately. But sometimes it happens, when it comes to absurdity. For example, beer of one and the same sort in a brown bottle is tastier than that in a green bottle (smiling – by author).

 – Are brewers superstitious?

– I cannot say about all of them, but I think they are not. We make great efforts for getting a high-quality product as a result.


СO2 in beer is determined in such a way

Dry substances are determined in lemonade

 – Tell us an interesting occasion from history of the enterprise  or some traditions, superstition?

– – I remember the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the enterprise most of all, it was in 1978. The most important people of our town, heads of different enterprises were present, there were gaily and sincerely. And as for superstitions – I do not know. We have only noticed that when a bird is beating in a window, there will be 100% verification (smiling – by author).

 – Wish something to connoisseurs of the production of «Umanpyvo»

– We want to report to our beer connoisseurs that our beer is really natural, without food additives and coloring agents. There are only malt, hop, yeast and water. We grow barley autonomously and we select only the best sorts.

Nana Markivna, thank you for interview!