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Оur own fields

Оur own fields

Оur own fields

Today we combine German technology with the best raw materials grown in our own fields. Taste drinks company “Umanpivo” is able to satisfy the most demanding gourmet. How exactly is the process of production of Uman beer, you can read more on the page “Our technology“.

Every day on the creation of natural beer and soft drinks a dedicated team of specialists who know the secrets of making delicious drinks. This is confirmed by the high awards received at the specialized competitions of the brewing industry. We are constantly improving our professional skills and skills to maintain the level of trust and recognition among our customers.

Conquer naturalness

The company “Umanpivo” basically does not use any artificial colors, stabilizers or preservatives in the production of beer. Only the best ingredients and natural raw materials, which as a result of natural fermentation turn into a real live beer.