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The brewery

The brewery

The brewery

We use the best raw materials and work on modern equipment to brew natural beer. The secret of the perfect taste of our drinks is constant quality control at every stage of beer production.

Selected Ingredients

The main pride of the company "Umanpivo" is own fields for barley and wheat growing, and bee apiaries for getting natural honey. To brew a good Uman beer, we personally grow malting barley for malt production at our malt house.

For the fermentation of our beer, we use a special secret race of yeast, which for many years gives a good result.

The beer brewing process is flowing according to a special patented system of “gentle wort boiling with adding of hops” (a patented development of the German company Apparatebau Nordhausen GmbH). This is a joint development of our technologists and specialists from Germany, which guarantees an extraordinary taste of beer and allows us to preserve the natural properties of beer.

German equipment

All equipment for the beer and lemonade production at the Uman brewery is of German origin.

Inside the cylindrical-conical tanks, the beer fermentation processes take place under sterile conditions, which allows to maintain the pure taste and quality of the final product, as well as to increase the durability of the beer.

Special CIP (clean-in-place) stations guarantee the highest quality of the process of washing, cleaning and disinfecting of all equipment, designed for malt crushing and the finished products bottling. At the same time, there is no need for the equipment to be disassembled or opened - the whole process is fully automatic and is being controlled with modern software.

German technology and control

In 2008, Umanpivo began fruitful cooperation with German manufacturers of brewing equipment, who shared various recipes for traditional beer brewing and now they continue to provide us with their professional help in brewing technologies.

Today, Umanpivo also produces premium German sorts of beer. Every 3-4 months a German brewing expert arrives at our plant to conduct an audit and to monitor the compliance of all technological processes of beer brewing.

No chemistry

Our position remains unchanged - we consciously and in principle do not use any dyes, stabilizers or preservatives in the production of beer. Only natural ingredients of the highest quality are being used, which due to natural fermentation turn into fragrant boozy.