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«Lemonade» from Uman

«Lemonade» from Uman

We care about preserving the perfect taste of natural lemonade. Just like before all our other drinks, lemonade we deliberately do not add any dyes and sweeteners. Only pure water, sugar and composition “Lemonade”.

We take care about the perfect taste of natural lemonade. We don’t add any artificial dyes and sweeteners to our lemonade. Only pure water, sugar and composition “Lemonade”. You can be sure: “Lemonade from Uman” is prepared for our children with the idea that kids could drink a real lemonade with a taste created by nature. “Lemonade from Uman” is made on the modern professional equipment that guarantees high quality and full safety for health.

Packing: «Lemonade» from Uman 0.5L | «Lemonade» from Uman 1L

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10,2 г/100мл
Energy value
39 ккал/100мл
Glass bottle 0.5L
216 UAH/pack
1 pack - 12 bottles of 0.5 liters
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