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Lemonade Apple

Lemonade Apple

Soft drink juice-containing, highly carbonated "Lemonade Apple" Has a pleasant refreshing taste and aroma of ripe apples.

We prepare our lemonade from specially prepared and purified water, sugar and apple juice. The content of natural juice from ripe and sweet Ukrainian apples makes this drink delicious and refreshing. "Lemonade Apple" not only gives energy and quenches thirst in the summer heat, but also on cold winter evenings evokes pleasant and warm memories of a sunny summer. Open the lid, take a sip and its bright, refreshing taste will make you smile and rejoice sincerely, as in childhood. Sometimes simple things are enough for happiness.

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Pet 1.5L/pack 6 bottles
168 UAH/pack
1 pack - 6 bottles of 1,5 liters
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