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Waissburg Special

Waissburg Special

Light beer with rich taste and scent, brewed according to the German classic Bock type beer technology

The filtered beer of low fermentation which has gold color with an amber shade and rich sweetish taste. The complicated and sophisticated wine scent perfectly combinates with rich malt taste in mix with mild bitterness of hop. This beer is made from malt of Vienna sort and aromatic hop with fruit and berry notes. Waissburg Spesial has a longer fermentation time that gives the beer a complex and original bouqet of flavors.

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The content of alcohol
7,0 %
The average value of bitterness in beer
16-20 EBC
The content of dry substance in the initial wort
15,0 %
Glass bottle 0.5L
300 UAH/pack
1 pack - 12 bottles of 0.5 liters
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