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Nielsen investigation: how are products bought nowadays?

Nielsen investigation: how are products bought nowadays?

Market News 15.02.2019
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Nielsen investigation: how are products bought nowadays?

Seventy six percent of consumers planned to buy fizzy drinks and clearly knew, the drink of which brand and with what flavor they need.  And how are chips, biscuits, juices and yoghurts chosen today? The journal «Pivnoie Delo» published results of investigation Nielsen.

Specialists of the company Nielsen Smart Shopper continue learning consumers’ behavior up to date. This time the subject of investigation was five categories of products: chips, juices, fizzy drinks, biscuits and yoghurts.

Nielsen aimed at clarifying consumers’ thought when planning to buy this or another product. What is the brand? What is flavor? What is the size of packing? What influences the choice of a person, who is exactly in the shop?

Investigation was held in regime of real time in stores of two types: hypermarkets and supermarkets. There were used modern technologies, which allow a respondent to answer questions, comment and present photos independently.

What are plans?
Indicated products are often bought impulsively, although investigation has shown, that a lot of consumers planned to buy exactly them. Fizzy drinks are in shopping lists the most often – 76%, moreover, with exact identification of brand and desirable flavor. Chips and fruit juices are the rarest in shopping lists – 70%.

As for buying yoghurts, 40% of consumers mentally imagine the whole category in general, without connection with brand and flavor. And 38% know in advance, yoghurt of which trade mark they will take from a shelf.

When buying biscuits, only 32% of consumers plan to buy the brand, others think about the category in general.

It is not simple in the category of juices: 35% of consumers know exactly, which flavor they want, and 37% – look for a certain brand and size of package.

And the third part of consumers said that they bought larger volume of goods and bigger sizes of products that they planned at first, even with the shopping list. Thirty-eight percent of respondents confessed, that they took more biscuits, and 39% exceeded a plan as for amount of fizzy drinks and juices.

Why do they buy?
Some purchases are made spontaneously. Without considering, 47-49% of respondents put chips and fizzy drinks into their baskets. And they took products of well-known and usual for them brand.

24% of polled people confessed, that promo offerings stimulate them for buying fizzy drinks and juices.

Thirty- one percent of consumers choose biscuits after assiduous price comparing in the following category of products.

Are they satisfied with purchases?
The majority of respondents were satisfied with the process of buying and made decisions in day of investigation according to polls. Customers of biscuits were not rather lucky. 89% of consumers identified three negative moments:

it was uncomfortable for them to move between stacks;
it is difficult to find necessary goods on a shelf;
arrangement of goods is not attractive.
The whole variant of investigation of the company Nielsen Smart Shopper also includes other issues of marketing. For example, proper arrangement of goods categories in a sales point, role of promo offerings in each category, with the help of which elements it is possible to activate interest of customers in products.