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Questions - Answers
  • How to select suppliers of beer?

    Even on such issue you will be directed by a general conception of the enterprise. Who is your consumer? What level of income does he or she have? And which beer does he or she prefer? Clear understanding of consumers’ demands will help to make out a desirable assortment of beer sales point.

    Start your search of suppliers from learning offers. What terms of cooperation do enterprises-producers of beer, dealers and distributors offer?  Take everything into account: from quality and variability of sorts of beer to supply with equipment for casting beer.

    There must be minimum 7 sorts of beer (light is offered as well as dark) in the assortment of a beer sales point. It is better to keep drink in kegs. A producer will certainly give instructions about transporting beer kegs correctly; he will also advise the conditions and temperature regime for storing.

    Small-budget enterprises should better cooperate with one producer at the beginning, set offered by him equipment and sell beer of one trade mark.

    It is more profitable for small stores and stalls to cooperate with dealers. It is more economically for a pub or a restaurant to examine the terms of partnership with the enterprise-producer and get beer directly of it.

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  • Kegs for beer: where can you take it and how to work?
  • Production to beer that is the best sold
  • How to set up a bar or a pavilion of selling draught beer in Ukraine
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