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“Live” beer: from brewery – to dinner table

“Live” beer: from brewery – to dinner table

eer is the main product of Umanpivo brewery. We produce products that have long been loved by consumers and have become frequent guests at the tables of Ukrainians. People like our beer, so working with us is your right decision.

About 18,3% of Ukrainian go to their favorite restaurants, café, bars or bistro to enjoy “live” beer at least once a week.

We offer you to please visitors and increase the assortment of alcohol map with qualitative Ukrainian beer from Uman.

Beer in kegs has a lot of advantages as compared with bottle beer:

  • it is convenient to divide into portions without chance of damaging the hermetic state of packing;
  • it is pleasant to watch the process of filling a glass of beer up from a keg;
  • it is being delivered to any part of Ukraine from a brewery in maximum 2 days.

Have some questions about the terms of cooperation? Ask! You may use an electronic form below.

The brewery offers maximally profitable terms for cooperation with any restaurant, cafes or bars


A restaurateur gets: The brewery «Umanpyvo»:

Natural and fresh beer of high quality.

Delicious drink with a 143-year history.

Variability: 10 sorts of beer.

Supply and resupply in time.

Wholesale prices, discounts, and bonuses.

Grows and treats barley for malt on its own.

Controls beer quality.

Improves production technologies.

Increases the assortment of production.

Quickly processes the order and makes shipment. Beer is always available in the storage.

Issues a certificate of quality.

Is located in the center of Ukraine – convenient traffic interchange.

Has its own printing office for making advertising production.

Issues according to individual cooperation in case of restaurant or brewery can be always discussed any time.

“Live” beer goes with any dish

Fresh beer perfectly goes with almost all dishes from restaurant menu: beer perfectly complements meat, seafood, vegetables, and cheese.

There are 7 sorts of Uman keg beer in the assortment: "Waissburg Lager"
"Waissburg HOP"
"Waissburg Blanche"
"Waissburg Red Ale"

Keg beer perfectly goes with classical food tandems:

  • mussels and grilled shrimp — light;
  • beef steak — strong dark;
  • exquisite snacks of cheese — wheat.

All drinks add a unique flavor to the culinary masterpieces of your chef. You know well, what your guests like, so we offer — and you choose.


Beer quality and freshness

ishhete-nadezhnogo-partnera-1-300x211   ishhete-nadezhnogo-partnera-2-1-300x213

High standards of beer are being achieved because of terms like:

  • the best raw materials growing and selecting;
  • invariable and stepwise control of the producing process;
  • implementation of new technologies and experience of German colleagues.

Attention: beer in metal kegs is to be kept only 20 days.

Read, think, calculate

The cooperation with a brewery is certainly a profitable opportunity for restaurateurs:

  • great assortment of delicious qualitative beer attracts visitors, facilitates popularity and good reputation of the restaurant;
  • maximally comfortable terms of cooperation.

All information about production, raw material, and technologies of brewing is on the site.

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