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«Lemonade» from Uman is profitable to sell

«Lemonade» from Uman is profitable to sell

The enterprise «Umanpyvo» invites dealers and wholesale consumers (stores, sales outlets and and trading networks) to cooperation. We offer natural products + profitable terms.

Fill in a form for receiving our commercial offer and consultation. You are not obliged to anything, but you will know the terms of cooperation with our brewery.

You set a price that suits you autonomously. We do not dictate any terms.

Lemonade is perfectly sold, because it is delicious. The secret of our lemonade flavor is in use of 100% natural products for its making.  The following ingredients are included into lemonade: clear water, fruits and natural sugar. There are no coloring agents, substitutes and food additives.

There will be always fresh lemonade in your shop. Our enterprise is located in the center of the country, where all transport lines are crossed. So, wherever you are, fresh drink will always be delivered to you.

We will provide you with advertising POS-production. We will give you equipment for casting. You will get kegs for rent and sets for casting absolutely free.

We produce a lot of different drinks, but why is that Uman «Lemonade» — that is trade position, which is the best sold? Why?

Adults and children like our lemonade, because it is tasty and healthful. This drink brings pleasure, refreshes, has perfect drinking ability and is a source of vitamins.

We have managed to keep a traditional composition of it, which has been used since soviet period, when drinks did not have food chemistry at all. Besides domination of water with sweetener  our lemonade is sold very quickly in the market, because it is special.

It is consisted of only three ingredients:

  • the best fruits;
  • clear water;
  • natural sugar.

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Lemonade and all production of our brewery regularly get recognition at tasting contests and exhibitions. We have rewards and diplomas, which we can present to you.

Leave an application just now and we will contact you during the working day. You are not obliged to anything in any way, but you will better orient.