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What is better to drink honey beer with: expert recommendations

What is better to drink honey beer with: expert recommendations

Articles 29.07.2020
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What is better to drink honey beer with: expert recommendations

Beer is rightfully considered a drink, many of which are being developed in Germany. Even in the ancient tribes, experiments with hop products were carried out, as evidenced by the results of excavation of burial mounds in all regions of the country. Various products have been used in the production of beer, such as barley, beer, yeast, mint or meadowsweet. Modern brewers from all over the world offer a wide range of flavors to hop drinkers. Our company is also successfully dealing with the development of new recipes. The most popular is the beer made on the basis of various types of honey.

Honey beer - a combination of multifaceted flavors

The taste of beer, created on the basis of honey components, is revealed after the first sip of the drink. A hoppy product has many positive characteristics:

  • moderate saturation of the composition;
  • the drink is created by bottom fermentation;
  • the presence of a characteristic sweet-honey aroma with moderate floral notes;
  • the ability to have a beneficial effect on the human body, increasing its tone;
  • using only natural ingredients;
  • no synthetic sweeteners, flavoring ingredients and preservatives.

Honey beer achieves a special flavor bouquet only if the technology of its brewing and the ratio of its constituent components are observed. Our company uses barley, which is grown by employees in their own fields. The grain crop allows obtaining high-quality malt necessary for the production of a low-alcohol drink.

What to use honey beer with

The versatility of this honey-based intoxicating drink helps to reveal the right food mix. Various types of snacks are ideal for light varieties of the product:

  • bread croutons;
  • smoked sausages;
  • grilled vegetables;
  • fish and meat snacks;
  • pickled onion rings.

True gourmets prefer to drink honey beer with veal medallions drenched in nut sauce. This snack enhances the floral notes of the alcoholic beverage and enhances the sweetish aftertaste.

Features of making honey beer

For brewing honey-based beer, it is better to use a floral or buckwheat sweet product, since it has the maximum specific aroma. Water should be free of additional impurities. The best option is a liquid obtained from alpine springs. The fermentation process is started in large containers where there is enough space for gas and foam to form. The optimum temperature is selected depending on the type of yeast. When brewing beer, a lot of attention is paid to sterility. This eliminates damage to the product by microorganisms. Freshly brewed beer can be stored in open bottles for no more than 24 hours. In a sealed container, it retains its taste for 6 months.