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Why is cider so fond of?

Why is cider so fond of?

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Why is cider so fond of?

Low-alcohol cider, most likely, began to be called so from the Latin word "cidera", which translates as solar. This natural invigorating drink is known almost everywhere, but despite the similar recipe and taste, the name of the product differs in different countries. In the USA, you can buy delicious cider wholesale and retail under the name Apple Jack and Cidre, in Germany and Austria it is Apfelwein, in the UK the name of the product sounds like British wines.

The cider is based on the juice of a certain sort of apple. Apples rich in tannin are suitable for making the drink. The juice obtained from them is fermented and, as a result, a low-alcohol product with a pleasant aroma and light refreshing taste. It retains most of the beneficial substances of the fruits used, and adds elements that are the result of fermentation.

Most of all cider is consumed by the inhabitants of France, England is in second place in popularity, then the countries of Europe and America. The apple drink is gradually conquering the market of other states. And there is a quite logical explanation for this - cider quenches thirst well, leaving a pleasant aftertaste and quickly passing intoxication.

The benefits of cider

Cider should not be regarded as a product that has only a slight intoxication on the body. It contains many trace elements (phosphorus, calcium, copper, iron, zinc), a large amount of ascorbic acid, pectins and tannins. Even the smallest consumption of the drink tones up and provides a burst of energy.

Regular consumption of cider in small quantities has a positive effect on the human body, as:

  • Removes poisons and toxins;
  • Normalizes metabolic processes;
  • Stabilizes the work of the nervous system, which is especially noticeable in case of psychoemotional stress and depression;
  • Expands blood vessels and normalizes blood pressure;
  • Activates the work of the digestive system and increases appetite.

Due to such beneficial properties, cider is considered by many to be a drink of longevity, since under its influence the aging process slows down.

In France, the drink is so loved and respected that a whole ritual of serving it has even been developed there. It is this country that is considered the birthplace of cider, and legend says that cider was invented by the Scandinavian wars. They used it before fighting in order to increase energy and conserve strength. The drink is poured in French bars with a thin stream from a height, as this allows you to get a good stable head of foam in the glass. In cider bars, a thick layer of sawdust is poured onto the floor, this allows the residues in the glass to be poured directly onto the floor.

In Germany, cider, along with beer, is one of the main attributes of national holidays. The drink is often used as a base for various sauces, added to gravy, stewed vegetables and game with it. It is also included in various cocktails.

The Umanpyvo company offers to buy tasty cider in bulk. For the manufacture of products, we use only high-quality apple raw materials and filtered spring water and strictly adhere to the recipe. In addition to classic apple cider, you can also buy lemon cider, mulled wine cider and Cherry with a sweet and sour taste. Strength of drinks from 5 to 6.9%, shelf life up to 180 days. We supply only fresh products with all quality certificates.