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"Umanpivo" is one of the first Ukrainian solar-powered breweries

News 08.02.2021
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"Umanpivo" is one of the first Ukrainian solar-powered breweries

"Umanpivo" is an export-oriented company that plans to increase the volume of sales of products abroad.

Umanpivo became the first company in Ukraine to use solar energy to produce beer and soft drinks!

So, it was decided to switch to alternative energy consumption and install our own solar power plant. Rayton Sun has become a partner for the supply and installation of batteries. This step was a significant contribution of the brewery to its own energy independence, saving financial costs and supporting green technologies, which are now valued in the world.

On the eve of the installation of the solar power plant, a lot of preparatory work was carried out. The energy audit showed that the total roof surface of the plant would not be enough to fully cover the daily electricity consumption of the batteries. Therefore, a way out was found in the use of the most suitable surfaces for this. Before placing solar modules on the roofs of the enterprise, each of them underwent a thorough examination. And only after that the installation began.

The result of the work performed was the installation of a power of 408 kW. For this, 10 roofs of warehouses and production facilities of the brewery, administrative building and other buildings located on the south side were used. For the implementation, 626 Jinko solar panels with a power of 525 W and 139 panels with a power of 440 W were used. different materials, location and angle of inclination of roofs are used. So, one station practically combined 4 stations of different types. The heart of the system is 6 inverters and the Huawei monitoring system, which ensures round-the-clock operation of the station, current savings and payback.

According to Igor Kisil, CEO of Umanpivo: “The installation of our own solar power plant has provided a certain independence of the enterprise from other electricity suppliers. By investing now in green energy, we have actually purchased electricity for 25 years in advance at a price of 0.70 UAH / kW, when the electricity grid tariff is UAH 3.91/kWh and is constantly growing.”

Payback periods for solar power plants are decreasing every year, given the steadily rising cost of electricity. Therefore, the installation of solar panels testifies to the far-sighted position of the Umanpivo management regarding the optimization of energy consumption costs, as well as cooperation with foreign partners. "Umanpivo" is an export-oriented company that plans to increase the volume of sales of products abroad. Most European partners appreciate and prefer to cooperate with plants that replace part of their energy consumption with green energy.

About company "Umanpivo"

Umanpivo is a family brewery founded in 1878. It is a producer of beer, cider, kvass and lemonade. The company grows raw materials on its own fields, which allows you to control the quality of products, from a grain of barley in the field to finished products on supermarket shelves. Every day, the plant produces more than 100,000 bottles of various drinks, which are presented in all regional centers of Ukraine and exported to more than 10 countries: China, Israel, USA, Germany and others.


About company Rayton Sun

Rayton Sun is a supplier of solar power plants for businesses to minimize their own consumption. The company provides advice and planning for the transition of a business to solar energy, develops project documentation and performs installation and maintenance of a solar power plant.