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"TANK BEER Umanpivo" is now a chain of LITRA stores

Market News 01.06.2020
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"TANK BEER Umanpivo" is now a chain of LITRA stores

The novelty of 2020 tank beer "TANK BEER Umanpivo" is now presented in the capital's network of alcoholic specialized stores LITRA.
"Our task is to make sure when you taste Tank beer Umanpivo: the taste of our natural beer is as if it had just been picked from a beer tank right at the brewery in Uman," they say at the brewery. - This is a comprehensive solution implemented with the help of the Duotank Holland system, which allows to transport and store "Tank beer Umanpivo" without contact with air, always cooled and fresh. "
It retains the rich taste and aroma of freshly brewed intoxicating drink. And this unfiltered and unpasteurized beer from the brewery is pumped into a transport tank, which is stored at the ideal temperature, and delivered to points of sale. From the brewery to the glass, the beer does not come into contact with air, and therefore does not oxidize or exhale. And already from the transport tank the drink is pumped by means of the Duotank system in beer tanks where it is stored cooled, in ideally sterile conditions. That is why "Tank beer Umanpivo" is a perfectly fresh and truly live beer.

The novelty is available in the network of alcoholic specialized stores LITRA at the addresses in Kiev:

1. ACADEM-CITY Shopping Center, 16/39 Akademika Palladina Avenue, Kyiv
2. Retrovill Shopping Center - 47 Pravdi Avenue
3. Polar Shopping Center - 2 Petro Kalnyshevskoho Street
4. SkyMall Shopping Center - Roman Shukhevych Avenue, 2t, Kyiv
It is worth emphasizing that Umanpivo brewery does everything possible for an ideal beer. We brew all beers in accordance with the Bavarian Beer Purity Act of 1516 - only water, malt and hops.