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Our crew

Every day a team of professionals brewery with pleasure and dedication working to create a perfect taste of drinks for our dear consumer. We cherish the tradition of brewing and constantly acquire new knowledge to always surprise connoisseurs of our products. We grow together with the brewery which since 2008 passes production modernization of the equipment and technologies.

The Umanpivo company independently grows brewing barley from which on own malt house makes the malt as the main raw material for production of beer. Brewing technologists personally select the most suitable for the production of malting malting barley.

Our team is constantly developing and improving their knowledge in brewing and annually visits the European specialized exhibition of technologies of production and packaging of finished drinks “BRAU Beviale” in Nuremberg and exhibition “DrinkTec” in Munich. We also adopt best practices from our German brewers, who audit our production every three months to ensure compliance with all parameters of the brewing process.