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Brewing Barley Sowing Campaign Launched at Umanpivo

News 03.04.2020
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Brewing Barley Sowing Campaign Launched at Umanpivo

Today, April 3, Umanpivo Brewery began the sowing campaign of brewing barley.

This was announced by the chief agronomist of the enterprise Viktor Desyatnik.

“Like last year, malting barley occupies about 1000 hectares in the structure of sown areas. This is enough to fully satisfy the needs of the brewery. All that is needed - seed, plant protection products and mineral fertilizers are in full, ”he stressed. “Seeds are imported malting barley that are ideal for our own malt production.”

According to the expert, despite the deficit of productive moisture in the arable layer of the soil, the situation for barley is uncritical in this period.

“By early April, the moisture reserves in the fields of the enterprise are 50-60 cm. This is enough for sowing barley. What will happen next - we'll see. It is difficult to predict, because in recent years climatic changes have been tangible and we understand that our forest-steppe is increasingly beginning to gravitate towards the steppe, ”he said.

However, according to Victor Desyatnyk, the vagaries of nature will not hurt, they got good results.

“After all, the formula for a“ good harvest ”depends not only on the weather, but also on the work of the team. And our experts have repeatedly proved that with the right professional approach, a good result is always guaranteed. Therefore, we are oriented that this year the harvest is at the proper level, ”he stressed.

Quarantine will not affect the timing and timeliness of spring field work.

 “We always prepare in advance, therefore, all the necessary things have been available for a long time. In addition, our partners quickly shifted to online sales. ”

Company Information:

Umanpivo Brewery is a Ukrainian local producer of beer, cider and soft drinks. Today it is one of the oldest breweries in Ukraine, founded in 1878. The company produces pure natural beer according to the Bavarian Beer Purity Act: only water, malt and hops and does not use malt substitutes in production.