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Brewery "Umanpivo" received the "Ukrainian People's Prize"

News 01.10.2020
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Brewery "Umanpivo" received the "Ukrainian People's Prize"

Consumers recognized the brewery's products as the best in the "Best Beer" nomination.

Brewery "Umanpivo" became the winner of the all-Ukrainian national project "Ukrainian People's Prize 2020".
“For the first time we won the Ukrainian People's Prize. For us, participation in the project is an indicator of the high level of Ukrainian confidence in our products. We are sure: the winners in the nominations are leaders in their respective industries, who have received the highest award - national recognition. The winners were determined by the best jury - the Ukrainian consumer. Therefore, we are especially pleased from this. Voting for this project lasted 4 months, from May 1 to August 31. Thanks to all our connoisseurs for their active participation in the voting, because it was you who led us to victory, "says Igor Kisil, CEO of Umanpivo.

It is worth noting that "Ukrainian People's Prize" is an all-Ukrainian national project aimed at determining the best goods and services among those presented on the Ukrainian market, based on the preferences of a fair and harsh jury - Ukrainian consumers.
Let us remind you that recently the Umanpivo brewery also received a Grand Prix, 6 gold medals, one silver and an honorary cup at the “XXIII International Competition of Beer, Non-alcoholic, Low-alcohol and Fermented Beverages, Mineral and Beer Waters, Brewing Malt”.

Company information:
Umanpivo Brewery is a Ukrainian producer of live beer, cider, kvass and lemonade. This is one of the oldest breweries in Ukraine, founded in 1878. The company produces real natural beer in accordance with the Bavarian Beer Purity Act 1516 (composed of water, malt and hops) and does not use any malt substitutes in the production. The brewery's products are exported to 10 countries of the world, including the USA, China, Germany, Israel.