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A museum of beer paraphernalia is planned to open in Uman

A museum of beer paraphernalia is planned to open in Uman

News 20.05.2020
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A museum of beer paraphernalia is planned to open in Uman

Igor Kisil, CEO of Umanpivo Brewery, has uniquely assembled a collection of beer paraphernalia. "I dream that the whole world will know about our brewery. Moreover, I have a plan on how to implement it, ”he says.

The first exhibit was presented

Twelve years ago, I had the opportunity to visit the Burger Brau brewery in Hof, Germany. I went there to agree on cooperation. We planned to buy hops of a special variety from the Germans for our production, ”Ihor Kysil recalls.
 After a successful agreement, the owner of the brewery conducted a tour of the museum of beer history, which is located on the territory of the brewery.
"I left there not only with unforgettable impressions, but also with a unique gift - a rare German beer mug. On the way home, the thought never left me - why not open a beer museum in your city? After all, our brewery "Umanpivo" is one of the oldest in Ukraine. And if it also has its own museum, it will become a business card not only in Uman, but in the whole country. Then these thoughts seemed to me too loud and ambitious. And almost impossible… »
But the same German gift mug laid the foundation for the future collection. Igor Kysil initially collected the exhibits on his own - he brought them from business trips or just from travels.
"Very quickly, this hobby grew into a real addiction. I got acquainted with birophiles (collectors of beer paraphernalia), bought the most interesting exhibits in my opinion. I found the most unique specimens with a centuries-old history in the elderly, who once worked in breweries or at one time were fond of beer paraphernalia, ”says the collector.

Gifts from around the world

Over time, friends learned about the hobby. Since then, they began to make their "contribution" to the formation of the collection.
"It began to be replenished with exhibits from around the world. I even have an old cash register from one of the German breweries. And hundreds of barrels, taps, kegs, bottles, mugs, thousands of labels, lids, beer decals. There is also rare equipment. And I have a selection of valuable books on the history, technology of brewing. There are also signs, posters of world pubs and beer producers. Some of them are more than a hundred years old, ”he says.
A special place in the collection is occupied by paintings with beer themes.
"My wife bought one of them in our Sofiyivka in 2013. It depicts a glass of beer - and a man floats on top. Only instead of a boat he has a beer lid. The title of the picture is "Men's Dream". It's a pity, I don't know the author of the picture. The collection of souvenir cars of world beer companies is also very special for me. Several hundred of them have already gathered. Among them are exact reduced copies of trucks that transported or advertised beer. "

Dream - a museum of beer paraphernalia

For 12 years of collecting a lot of exhibits of world brewing culture.
"When I am asked about the total number of exhibits, I do not know what to answer. I have a catastrophic lack of time to somehow organize my collection, structure and count all the attributes. And the number of exhibits "reminds" me of an old dream - to open a museum of beer paraphernalia on the territory of the brewery. And although this is not an easy task and it takes time to implement my plan. But now that I have shared my intentions with you, I have no right to retreat, "Ihor Kysil said.
The collector plans to start work on the museum this year.