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Brewery "Umanpivo" offers a reward in exchange for exclusive exhibits for the future museum of beer paraphernalia

News 25.11.2020
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Brewery "Umanpivo" offers a reward in exchange for exclusive exhibits for the future museum of beer paraphernalia

"Umanpivo" is looking for exclusive beer paraphernalia for its own museum, which will soon be opened on the territory of the brewery.

“Our team has long been living the dream of creating a museum of beer paraphernalia and is putting a lot of effort into this project. - says the CEO of Umanpivo, Igor Kysil. After examining all the buildings of the Umanpivo brewery, last year we began the restoration of the beer cellars, the old brewery buildings, as well as the reception area. We want to recreate the special atmosphere and authenticity of beer production. And also open a tasting room for the guests of the museum and conduct excursions to the operating brewery. So that everyone can see directly the production process of our beer. "

The collection for the museum has been collected for over 12 years. Hundreds of exhibits of world brewing culture were brought from different parts of the world (

And a special place in the museum, according to Igor Kysil, will be allocated to the history of the Umanpivo brewery itself. After all, this is one of the oldest breweries in Ukraine. It has been brewed here since 1878. The Umanpivo brewery survived wars and revolutions, but managed to preserve the traditions of brewing. And it continues to improve technology thanks to close cooperation with German specialists.


“A lot of valuable exhibits were donated by former employees of the enterprise. We managed to find something on the territory of the Umanpivo brewery itself. And we keep looking for rarities - pre-revolutionary labels, bottles of intoxicating drink, crates, photographs or written mentions of the Umanpivo brewery. In exchange for exclusive copies, we promise a reward, ”says Igor Kysil.

If you have a unique beer paraphernalia that you are ready to transfer to the Umanpivo Museum for a fee, please contact us:

Iryna Starokozheva: +38 (067) 524 47 21