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UNCLOSE: The five most popular myths about soft beer

UNCLOSE: The five most popular myths about soft beer

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UNCLOSE: The five most popular myths about soft beer

Alcohol-free beer is rapidly gaining popularity. However, the number of myths about this drink is growing. Umanpivo Brewery has decided to debunk the five most popular of them.

MYTH 1: Non-alcoholic beer tastes worse. This is one of the most popular myths. Note that Waissburg No Alcohol, as well as other products in our line, is made from the same ingredients: water, malt, hops. Alcohol-free beer is produced through the use of special technologies. Therefore, if for some reason you can not drink alcohol, be sure - the taste and aroma of Waissburg No Alcohol is not much different from regular alcoholic beer.
Myth 2: Non-alcoholic beer is smoothed. This is probably the most common myth. Thus, one hundred grams of Waissburg No Alcohol contains 28 kcal, which is at least twice less than one hundred grams of dry red wine. However, if you really follow the total caloric content of the daily diet, then when drinking beer, you should give up chips, sausages, and replace them with a light salad or dishes of low-fat fish or meat.
MYTH 3. You can get drunk on non-alcoholic beer. Some people still believe that a certain amount of non-alcoholic beer can be intoxicating. This is not the case, because you will "burst" rather than get drunk.
MYTH 4. Non-alcoholic beer is not recommended for drivers. This is not quite true. After all, if you want to complement your lunch with this cool drink in the summer heat - you can afford it. For example, Waissburg No Alcohol has a fresh malty taste, which is harmoniously combined with a subtle hop bitterness and contains almost no alcohol.
MYTH 5. Non-alcoholic beer is forbidden to athletes. And we say that it can be drunk before and after the hall. And this is not a myth. Eleven years ago, in 2009, Johannes Scherr, a doctor at the German Olympic ski team, tracked how non-alcoholic beer affects athletes during training. It turned out that athletes not only get a good psychological relief, but also get sick less. By the way, at the 2018 Winter Olympics, German athletes drank 3.5 tons of soft beer. And that year, by the way, were second in the overall medal standings.
How to drink Waissburg No Alcohol
Proper serving will help emphasize the aroma of the drink. Light lager beer with intoxicating bitterness is recommended to be served in a traditional Pilsner glass. It is better to supplement it with fish, lean meat, shellfish.
Interesting fact: The first non-alcoholic beer appeared in the 20th century. It was in 1918 that America passed the 18th Amendment, which forbade the sale of beverages stronger than 2.75%. Breweries could be on the verge of extinction, as even the "lightest" camp contained at least 3.5% alcohol. But there was a way out - alcohol was simply "removed" from the beer.