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Umanpivo launches new Waissburg Hop beer

Umanpivo launches new Waissburg Hop beer

News 06.07.2020
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Umanpivo launches new Waissburg Hop beer

Umanpivo has expanded its range with another beer from the Waissburg line. Today the brewery started bottling a novelty - "Waissburg hop". So in the coming days it will be available on the shelves of retail stores and supermarkets.
Waissburg Hop is a German malt camp with a characteristic hop aroma and a subtle grassy-floral hue. - tell in the press service of the company. - Water, selected malt, bitter and aromatic hops of German varieties are used for its production.
Uman brewers got a unique taste by mixing three varieties of hops, which gives beer from the range of "Waissburg" individual and unique taste. After all, subtle grassy-floral notes and restrained bitterness help to get a balance, thanks to which this beer is refreshing. Its elegant taste is harmoniously combined with spicy, spicy food, especially with baked pork knuckle or sausages.
Company information:
Umanpivo Brewery is a Ukrainian producer of beer, cider, kvass and lemonade. This is one of the oldest breweries in Ukraine, founded in 1878. The company produces natural pure beer according to the Bavarian Beer Purity Act of 1516: only water, malt and hops and does not use any malt substitutes in production.