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Raw materials for beer production

Raw materials for beer production

Articles 09.12.2016
There are more than a hundred technologies of foam production. Raw materials for beer remained unchanged.
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Raw materials for beer production

Brewing is an art that emerged more than 8 centuries ago. Despite its long-standing appearance, brewers have something to strive for. Every year, new drinks are presented, the taste of famous varieties is improved. There are more than a hundred technologies of foamy production. Raw materials for beer remained unchanged. The main ingredients are:

  • water;
  • brewer’s yeast;
  • hop;
  • malt.

The taste of the beer is improved thanks to new production technologies and natural additives. Each experienced brewer has its own unique recipe. The company “Umanpivo” is no exception. Many years of experience, modern equipment, natural products from their own fields allow us to produce really high-quality drinks that meet the State Standards. Preparation of raw materials, brewing, bottling-all these processes are carefully monitored, as a result, the consumer has the opportunity to buy a delicious live beer, lemonade, Ale.


Raw material’s key requirements

Brewing is a technically complex process, during which you need to take into account the rules and recipes. Production of foamy is possible only in specially equipped rooms. Raw materials for beer production should be environmentally friendly. The manufacturer of foamy undertakes to store it according to the rules prescribed in the regulations. Violation of the established standards leads to the fact that the characteristics of the drink deteriorate. Accordingly, the product is of poor quality. The characteristics also put forward requirements. They are presented in the table.

Raw materials for beer production Requirements



Water is The main component and serves as the basis of beer wort, so it should be fresh, environmentally friendly, non-rigid. Unacceptable the presence of any odors, taste, impurities. Requirements to the level of hardness in the range of 2-4 mEq/liter. The maximum allowable acidity – 6.5 mg.



The basis for the production of this product is often barley. Ingredients for beer take only those that have sprouted 90-95% and contain a moderate amount of protein (8-12%). Grain size and alignment are also important. These figures should be up to 10% of the total weight.


Beer yeast

This product has a direct effect on the aroma and taste of beer. “Umanpivo” uses only yeast active fermentation with adequate ability to reproduce, resistance to the effects of adverse external factors.

4.                                      Hoop



The ingredient, which depends on the formation of foamy drink, color and degree of transparency. Requirements for the quality of hops are prescribed in GOST 21947-76. In the manufacture of beer is not allowed to use the product with any foreign odors. The color of hops can vary from yellow-green to brown, the percentage of amino acids – 2.5–3.5, humidity – 11-13%.

Using ingredients for the preparation of beer that meet the requirements, the manufacturer receives a high-quality drink, which is easily independently tested.

How to brew “Umanpivo”?


Foamy “Umanpivo”, regardless of the variety, like buyers for a lively pleasant taste and natural aroma. To produce a high-quality drink is possible through the use of ingredients grown in the fields of the company. Hops in Uman are made from environmentally friendly raw materials:

  • barley;
  • honey;
  • wheat, etc.

Malt is produced in a private barley malt house from its own fields. Each time the raw material is tested, and then used by specialists of the plant. Own fields-an obvious advantage over competitors!

Beer yeast is the secret of “Umanpivo”. The basis for fermentation is a unique race that demonstrates consistently good properties for many years. The technological process of beer production is carried out by a special patented system. It was developed by the German company Apparatebau Nordhausen GmbH. Experts call it”gentle boiling of wort with hops”. The development of this system involved the best minds of the company and their colleagues from Germany. The unique technology allows you to brew a delicious beer, which for a long time retains its natural properties. The plant is equipped with modern German equipment. Fermentation processes occur in sterile conditions. So it is possible to preserve the natural taste of beer. And yet one of the peculiarities of the production in beverages is no chemistry. As a part of production “Umanpivo”, there are no dyes, preservatives, and stabilizers. Admirers of “Uman” call it fragrant heady gold, and it is difficult to argue with it!