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Myths about beer to destroy

Myths about beer to destroy

Articles 09.12.2016
Stories about beer were invented centuries. To date, more than 20 of them are known, and myths are taken for granted.
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Myths about beer to destroy

In the XXI century, but many people still believe in fiction, taking them for the truth. Some creepy omens, others the myths. Believing in horror stories, adults, established Ukrainians deny themselves trips, food, drinks. What are the myths about beer! Stories about Penn were invented centuries. To date, more than 20 of them are known, and myths are taken for granted. About them further and will be discussed. After reading the article you will understand what is true and false. Moderate consumption of malt liquor will not affect the state of health, everything else is fiction!

Myths about beer color, strength, and sorts

So, what do we hear around here? Beer should be drunk cold! Is that really the case? Strongly chilled, almost ice drink can cause deterioration of health and development of SARS. In addition, it is pleasant to drink only on a hot, sultry summer day. Beer experts recommend drinking foamy, the temperature of which varies between 12-14 °C. In this case, it will be possible to feel the taste and aroma as clearly as possible.

The next misconceptions about beer concern varieties. People say that dark drinks are always stronger than light ones. In fact, you can’t judge alcohol content by color. The shade of foamy depends on the composition. During the preparation of dark varieties using burnt or caramelized malt. This component affects the color. The strong drink can be light, gold and dark. They also say that beer is always bitter. Another myth that is refuted by the facts. If the composition includes sweet malt, bitterness will not. After drinking in your mouth will be a light pleasant beer taste. Sweet malt wort is used in the production of both dark and light varieties.

What determines the taste of beer? Does it affect the composition of the foamy? Most people think so. Accordingly, there was the following myth: “the Taste depends on the quality of water, malt, and hops.” Of course, the ingredients play a role, but secondary. The taste of the foamy depends on the brewer. Using the same set of components and identical equipment, two specialists will brew completely different drinks. To get a delicious hop, it is not enough to use quality products. It is necessary to mix them correctly, controlling all technological stages. No raw material of high quality will save an inexperienced brewer.

Important: the production does not use alcohol, as many Ukrainians think. The alcohol content is due to the use of yeast.

Inexperienced brewers are in all countries. A word about the fact that our specialists do not know how to brew beer, is the absolute truth. Ukrainians are trained in world-famous Breweries. Domestic products are exported abroad, where they are in steady demand.

And who creates new varieties of beer? According to the myth, it’s brewers. In fact, with this task perfectly handle marketers. The development of a new variety is a time – consuming process. You can not give the new product a name that first came to mind. First, marketers study the market, then evaluate the existing product line. As a result of the in-depth analysis, there is a novelty that is of interest to the consumer. At the same time, both the bottle and the label design attract attention.

It was also found that Ukrainians do not know anything about this Bavarian beer. Many people take barley Lager for it. In Bavaria Penna demand completely different varieties. They like wheat drinks. Barley analog is more expensive, but it does not exceed.

Myths about foamy drink consumption and storage

Popular misconceptions about beer make people do ridiculous things. For example, drink a drink huge SIPS, without getting any pleasure from it. Once someone said: “Beer should be drunk in 3 SIPS”. Since then, some people turn leisure into drinking. Those who have never been to Germany, for some reason talk about the culture of the drinking of beer on Oktoberfest. Isn’t that absurd? On Oktoberfest use liter mugs. Try draining one of them in 3 SIPS. Forget about this ridiculous myth once and for all! It is not necessary to eat beer that first came to hand. When choosing a dish, consider the hop variety. RAM, crackers and other popular snacks drown out the beer taste.

Let’s move on to the misconceptions about storage. Thousands of Ukrainians believe that the foamy is fresh only for 3-5 days after production. If we stick to this point of view, millions of products need to be discarded immediately. Neither light nor dark beer can be called fresh. All because the drink includes yeast, provoking fermentation. Products that are obtained in this way can no longer be called fresh. As possible to keep the beverage at a temperature specified by the manufacturer. Sane people judge freshness by the information written on the label. The hermetically sealed product retains the original properties and characteristics for a long time.

Misconceptions about the negative impact of foamy on the body

Above debunked myths about beer, but did not affect its impact on health and well-being. Evil tongues say that from the malt liquor people:

  • get fat;
  • get older;
  • become aggressive and uncontrollable.

Yes, beer has alcohol and hops that are intoxicating. If you drink 3 liters, it is difficult to maintain composure. So after the norm has not been canceled! In order not to age and to maintain composure after ingestion of alcoholic beverage, should not be abused. Excessive alcohol destabilizes the nervous, mental, digestive and other systems.

Let’s stop at the myth of weight gain. You will be surprised, but the calorie content of beer is less than other drinks. It has no sugar, unlike:

  • guilt;
  • liquor’s;
  • vodkas;
  • cognac’s;
  • tinctures, etc.

However, foamy causes appetite. This feature is typical for all alcoholic beverages. What do people often do after drinking beer? Empty the refrigerator. In addition, increased amounts consume snacks directly during the consumption of malt liquor. If you know yourself, then you can get better. Weight gain will not happen because of beer. Snacks and other food products help to increase the fat layer. Do not forget about the caloric content of the drink: 3 liters of foamy is about 1 400 Kcal.

Touching upon the topic of health, it is impossible not to mention the following myth: “there are female hormones in beer”. We are talking about phytoestrogens that contain hops. These substances are synthetic analogs of female sex hormones. However, 100 liters of foamy need no more than 300 grams of hops. Accordingly, with moderate consumption of malt liquor hormone background is not to be changed.

Attention: phytoestrogens are found in many foods. For example, in radishes, herbivorous animals meat, legumes. However, many Ukrainians do not attach importance to this.

Now you know the truth about beer. Enjoy it right, don’t overuse, have fun and benefit!