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A snack variety for beer

A snack variety for beer

Articles 09.12.2016
How to enjoy the taste of intoxicating drink
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A snack variety for beer

A glass of foamy will brighten up the evening with family members or in a large group of friends, and in moderation will also benefit the body. A properly selected snack will not only reveal the taste features of the malt liquor but will also allow you to enjoy your pastime to the maximum. True connoisseurs of foamy drinks know what to combine its varieties with. We bring you the popular beer snacks and recipes for incredible dishes that will turn an ordinary evening into a celebration.


Proven combinations and gourmet tips

Shelves are filled with varieties of “cocktails” of hops with different alcohol content and strength. Among the large selection of products, you can choose a drink softer, with a spicy bitterness, with a pleasant sweet or fruity aftertaste. And for each variety, there is the best snack for beer. Your attention is presented the perfect combination:

  • light Lager with light sweetness or sourness will reveal its taste to the maximum if combined with fried chicken, crayfish and seafood, any kind of cheese;
  • blond Ale, which is characterized by a mild malt taste, will reveal all its notes in combination with hot spicy snacks. For a glass of foamy drink, the perfect choice is dishes of Chinese, Japanese or another Oriental cuisine;
  • wheat beer with thick foam and a pronounced bread flavor goes well with meat, cheese, sausages. Original snacks for this variety-pickled cucumbers, eggplants, peppers, horseradish, and other products with pepper;
  • medium or intensely strong PAL Ale with the moderate or intense bitterness-the perfect complement to the spicy dishes cooked on the grill. To reveal the taste of this drink will help fragrant sauces;
  • soft and caramel variety will sparkle with new notes if you add a juicy meat drinking, brewed on an open fire (chicken, ribs, sausages, beef);
  • dark beer based on burnt malt is recommended to be combined with fried or smoked meat, salted and stewed dishes. Gourmets and connoisseurs of varieties such as porter and stout, recommend disclosing the taste of the drink with seafood, dried fish and even chocolate.

A SIP of cool foamy gives incredible pleasure. Choosing the right snacks for beer, you will get real pleasure from the combination of flavors.


Classic easy options

If you decide to enjoy a glass of foamy after a hearty dinner, choose a light snack. The range of snacks in the form of chips, peanuts, crackers — a great solution for a large company. Even in the presence of more nutritious products in the form of cheeses, fish, meat, such type of beer snacks can be quickly consumed.

In addition to the classic salty snacks, you can put plates with squid rings, crab sticks, smoked pork ears, slices of dried meat, smoked cheese on the table. The pleasure of a glass of beer will increase if you Supplement the meal with shrimp or onion rings in batter.


Tasty and satisfying

A variety of beer sorts allows you to accompany with a foamy drink any dish. If you are going to sit in the cheerful company of relatives or friends, to eat and relax tightly, pay attention to such options of snacks:

  • sausages cooked on the grill, in the oven or in a frying pan. To create a more piquant taste, add a piece of cheese, mustard, and other sauces;
  • chicken wings or thighs in a sweet and sour sauce - a great addition to light Beers;
  • toast with cheese, garlic, caviar - a great snack that will decorate your pastime with a glass of cool foamy drink;
  • pizza is a popular option for beer snacks for home, especially if guests and hosts gather after work, there is simply no time to prepare nutritious dishes.

A drink based on barley, wheat or corn is characterized by versatility. Many varieties of it are perfectly combined with home and store products, which makes foamy popular and the most popular of the entire range of low-alcohol products.

Cook for yourself

If you are tired of the classic options, want to feed guests with new dishes that will be perfectly combined with heady “cocktail”, we offer you to get acquainted with the recipes of snacks for beer. At home, you can create incredible culinary masterpieces. They will surprise with their taste, will be useful for the body, unlike purchased chips, crackers, and other snacks.

Chicken meatballs with spices in teriyaki sauce do not require time-consuming preparation, perfectly combined with various Beers and are nutritious, but not heavy dinner. To create a dish, it is recommended to mix minced meat with egg, chopped onion, and garlic, add spices, soy sauce, ginger to the mass. The meatballs are then baked in the oven for 20-30 minutes. The sauce is prepared on the basis of honey, crushed garlic, ginger. The mass is thickened with starch and is to be cooked over low heat. Saturation will give a taste of soy sauce.

The light snack for a beer and addition to the main dishes will serve lavash chips with various fillings and seasonings. From a thin sheet, you can create “envelopes” for cheese, mushrooms in sour cream sauce, vegetable stew. These chips are baked in the oven. It takes up to 15 minutes to prepare.

Garlic-cheese rolls are a tasty addition to the meal and a glass of cool beer. To prepare the necessary: dough based on yeast, butter, a couple of cloves of garlic, mozzarella or other cheese. Components are mixed and baked in the oven for 15 minutes at 180-200 degrees.


Steaks from chicken fillet with creamy mushroom sauce or barbecue — a nutritious dinner, the taste of which will become even more tender and incredible in combination with light or dark Beers. The brisket is fried on a hot pan until Golden brown and brought in the oven until ready. The composition of the first sauce includes mushrooms, cream, butter, cheese, herbs, salt, and pepper. The components are mixed and stewed over low heat. To prepare the barbecue sauce, you need to caramelize onions and garlic, add paprika, vinegar, spices and cook the mass until thickened. Before serving, it is recommended to cut steaks, pour plenty of dressing and add greens.

This short list of home-made aromatic snacks can be supplemented with other dishes. Foamy, refreshing beer is perfectly combined with different products, which allows you to experiment and create new, incredible flavor combinations for a great evening.