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License for selling beer

License for selling beer

Articles 08.12.2016
Every entrepreneur, who plans to carry on beer business, has a question: «Is the license necessary for selling beer?»
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License for selling beer

Every entrepreneur, who plans to carry on beer business, has a question: «Is the license necessary for selling beer?». Let’s discuss.

In 2014 the license was not necessary for selling beer according to the law of Ukraine № 481/95-VR from May, 19, 1995 “About state regulation of production and ethyl, cognac and fruit alcohol drinks and tobacco products turnover”.

Nevertheless, an entrepreneur must follow all restrictions for selling beer, especially do not sell the production to people, who do not reach 18 years.

But it is likely, that in 2015 everything will change.

License for selling beer in 2015

The law № 71-VIII from December, 28, 2014 considers beer as an alcohol drink (today, products, which contain more than  1,2% of ethyl, belong to alcohol).
The law becomes operative on 1.07.2015.

How will that change influence the sales of beer?

License is necessary for selling alcohol drinks. That is why it will be necessary for entrepreneurs to get the license for selling beer in Ukraine with becoming the law operative.

Alcohol – is excisable product. Cash register is necessary for selling excisable goods.

Besides, since 2015 an additional 5% excise has been introduced for selling beer, which has been introduced since February of that year.

Pay attention to that alcohol trade has its own peculiarities: remoteness of a sales point from schools and institutions for children, a certain area of trade building and, of course, prohibition of selling alcohol production to minors.

It is possible, that the laws towards selling beer will continue further and will change because of the on-going reforms in 2015.

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