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Beer benefits and harms

Beer benefits and harms

Articles 09.12.2016
How to use a intoxicating drink without harming your own body?
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Beer benefits and harms

Spending a weekend in a pleasant company over a glass of your favorite foamy or relax with it after a long day’s work – it’s usual, but not always approved. At the same time, the harm of beer is rather an established stereotype. The thing is that the negative consequences are not the drink itself, but the style of its consumption.

But the benefits of beer for a long time and has been proven in a variety of research scientists, mostly Western, from the United States and Europe. What is it? How to use a malt liquor without harming your own body? Read below.


According to researches

For true beer drinkers, the benefits and harms of this type of alcoholic beverages are usually much less important than the variety, brand, taste. And in vain! Knowing the features of the influence of intoxicating on the body, you can plan its use so that no one dares to reproach you in an irresponsible attitude to health.

The list of indisputable advantages of foamy is established. Here are just some of them:

  1. One of the best sides of foamy is the content of phenolic compounds in it. These valuable components prevent thrombosis of blood vessels, that is, protect against heart attack.
  2. Quite a large content of B-group vitamins - also a good argument in favor of beer. The main thing is that in this drink they are contained in a form that is considered to be easily digestible. Riboflavin, for example, is very important for the hematopoietic and reproductive functions of the body. It is also a good antioxidant.
  3. Harvard scientists argue that people with high blood pressure is useful to prefer wine beer - it tends to reduce its performance.
  4. And here is the impressive data on the benefits of researchers from Finland by as much as 40% less likely to get sick with urolithiasis in those who consume beer regularly, but in moderation.
  5. Dutch scientists have focused on another issue. The scourge of our time – diabetes mellitus type II – is much less likely to overtake lovers of malt liquor.

It is not so important, what will be beer – barley or wheat. When it comes to benefits, rather, it is worth paying attention to whether it is filtered or not.


Not every drink is beer even if it has foam

So, if you drink the right beer, the benefits of it will still be. Distinguish is simple. It is necessary to look for that drink which contains only classical ingredients: water, beer yeast, hops, malt, sometimes spices, mixes of natural spices, honey (depending on a grade). If the beer is unfiltered, even better. Draught, “live”, with a short shelf life – it has not only excellent taste but also the right substances.

Lager - the most common type of foamy, not only here but also around the world. Also, prefer it? Choose a light variety. The darker the beer, the stronger it is, and it has a number of negative qualities that are harmful. Among them-hormonal disorders (both in men and women) with a margin in the opposite direction, a detrimental effect on the heart muscle.

Less obvious, but the dangerous pitfalls - the effect of appetite stimulation, which is fraught with overeating, as well as the ability to cause dependence.

Do no harm

Does beer harm? In a sense, of course. But only if there is no culture of consumption. Let’s do a little test. Verify if the following statements are true:

  • you often buy pasteurized beer with a long shelf life;
  • you drink more than two glasses twice a week;
  • drinking is accompanied by the use of a large number of snacks;
  • beer-your usual way to quench your thirst in the summer heat, on the beach, for a walk.


If at least one of these theses describes you, know that your favorite drink is not only useless but also causes serious damage to your health. And that’s why:

  1. Pasteurized beer not only does not contain all the nutrients mentioned above. Filtration-the destruction of all life that is in the drink as a result of fermentation of malt by yeast. It kills all the benefits (vitamins, minerals). Add to this sugar, dyes, flavors, which are often added for the sake of stabilization of taste and color, and even preservatives (which manufacturer does not want the party to be stored longer) – and here the scale tends towards harm.
  2. Any alcohol should be consumed in moderation. Although hops-based drinks are not as harmful to the nervous system and internal organs as alcohol, they can not be completely discounted.
  3. Have you heard about the concept of ”beer belly”? Often his appearance contributes not so much the drink itself, how much abuse is harmful snacks. Excessively fatty (nuggets, fries) or flavored with artificial additives (chips, crackers), such snacks affect the body worse than ethanol itself.
  4. Drinking beer in the heat is harmful and dangerous. To quench his thirst, his use is irrelevant. Alcohol in the midday heat, especially in the open sun, accelerates the process of dehydration, increases the load on the blood vessels and heart.

Note: often identify the concept of “living” and unfiltered, although, in fact, it is not the same. The question is whether pasteurization was carried out. Thus, unfiltered beer may well be both “live” and pasteurized. This also applies to purified varieties.


So the benefit and harm of beer is a relative term. Although in the scientific world battles around whether it is possible to consider the nutrients in the composition of a really serious compensation for the “alcoholic nature”, and do not think to subside, one statement is clear: the measure – the whole head.


Even if it is impossible to improve your health significantly by means of beer, it’s definitely possible not to harm your health consuming the foamy drink. The most important thing is following these rules:

  • buy only good beer. For example, “Umanpivo” brews its products from raw materials grown in its own fields, does not add preservatives, dyes, artificial additives;
  • consume wisely-one or two glasses in the evening on the weekend will be the best choice. And certainly do not test your cardiovascular system for strength, drinking in the heat;
  • snack competently-perfectly accentuate the taste of beer, a variety of cheeses, seafood, fish, crackers.

And the main argument in favor of a glass of cold” live ” bottling let it be a great mood, which it gives in tandem with a pleasant company of relatives and friends.