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Kegs for beer

Kegs for beer

Articles 08.12.2016
Where can you take it and how to work?
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Kegs for beer

Kegs for beer – are metal capacities of stainless steel, adapted to storing and transporting beer and kvass. The most widespread volume of beer kegs – is 30 and 50 liters. There are also kegs with the volume of 5, 10, 20 and 100 liters.

There are several types of kegs at our market:

  1. «Euro» – a not high keg;
  2. «Din» – a high keg;
  3. «Plus-keg» – a steel package covered with a layer of polyurethane, which serves as a thermos.

Besides, you can see such kegs as  «Finn» і «Eco». They are different because of their construction – polyurethane drums are provided for them.

Sizes of kegs for beer differentiate according to their type:



DIN (мм)


50 liters

600 x 381 ?

532 x 408 ?

30 liters

400 x 381 ?

365 x 408 ?

The weight of a keg with the volume of 30 l is 7,2 – 9,4 kg, according to the type. And a keg with a volume of 50 l weighs 11 – 12 kg.

Is it better to buy them or take for rent?

Every entrepreneur makes his choice by himself. Somebody prefers buying kegs for beer and work with his or her own equipment. The price for one keg – is from 2000 hryvnas and more. Somebody wants to save money and buys used kegs for beer by wholesale, moreover there are enough offers.

If you constantly work with one producer, it is better to rent kegs of the brewery. Moreover, there are a lot of enterprise, that give kegs for rent for free, if you are a dealer of their production.

Beer supplier – the brewery «Umanpyvo»

«Umanpyvo» – is a reliable partner, which offers not only delicious beer, but also profitable conditions for cooperation. Our dealers get the equipment for casting beer from kegs, and take kegs for rent.
Before casting beer into kegs, they are thoroughly washed and sterilized.

A new automatic CIP-station is set at the brewery «Umanpyvo» for that purpose, where all equipment is washed. Such approach permits to exclude the appearance of «flakes» and beer souring.

Contact us in any convenient way for getting the consultation towards the cooperation. Other specialists will also help you to choose kegs and necessary equipment for casting beer into kegs.

Fill in a form and get a commercial offer after the consultation. You are not obliged to anything, but you will know the terms of cooperation with our brewery.