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Beer Nutritional Information

Beer Nutritional Information

Articles 09.12.2018
The appearance of extra pounds is attributed to the high calorie beer. Is it really better?
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Beer Nutritional Information

How can I drink beer and not gain weight? Beer caloric content analysis

To beer biased women and men of different age, nationality, occupation. Fans of foamy do not deny themselves the pleasure to miss a few glasses of quality drink on weekends and holidays. Many eventually notice a weight gain with a significant increase in body volume. The appearance of extra pounds is attributed to the high-calorie beer. Does it really cause weight gaining? Let’s see.

Low-alcohol beverage components evaluation

During the production of beer do not use potentially dangerous to human health fats. The main components are:

  • hop;
  • yeast;
  • malt.


The first ingredient and barley do not contribute to weight gain, unlike yeast. Ethyl alcohol is also a health hazard. Excessive consumption of malt liquor is fraught with the development of alcoholism, deterioration of cognitive processes and well-being. But 1 glass will not hurt anyone! Drunken has the following nutrients:

  • vitamin B1 & B2;
  • potassium;
  • magnesium;
  • phosphorus.

The benefits are obvious, and the composition is safe, natural. Why is beer getting better? Weight gain occurs in those who drink it in excessive doses almost every day, combining with different foods. Not so terrible calories in beer, as a snack! Consuming wheat or other foamy drink, we do not notice how much we absorb:

  • toast with spices and garlic;
  • salted peanut;
  • meat cuts;
  • fish, etc.

All of these dishes are high in calories. In addition, prepared with the addition of salt and seasonings, and they retain liquid in the body. Accordingly, people exceed the daily calorie and noticeably gains weight. With moderate consumption, you can not worry about the figure. In this case, alcohol will not have a negative impact on the body, as it will come in a small amount.

Caloric content of beer in details

Today there are more than 200 varieties of foamy, but the most popular light “Lager”. It is served in all pubs and cafes, and people choose this position for the reason that it is pleasant and easy to taste.

How many calories in a Lager beer bottle? About 40-42. Accordingly, after drinking a few glasses, the body gets 400 Kcal. That’s not that much. Similar caloric content is inherent in a chocolate bar and a liter of sweet water. However, do not forget that together with the foamy we eat snacks. How many calories in beer, as in 100 grams of chips, crackers, toast, and other things. What is the conclusion? The weight gain is not the result of malt liquor consuming!

The caloric content of foamy drink depends on:

  • strength;
  • manufacturing technology.

The higher the alcohol content, the more sugar, and calories. In 100 ml can be 29-53 calories. By the way, about the strength of tell color. Dark varieties are bitter because they contain more alcohol. Strong drink should not drink more than two glasses. How many calories are in dark beer? On average, 48 in 100 ml. Strong foods contain more than 500 calories in 1 liter. But analogs, devoid of alcohol, can safely drink even people who are on a diet: 1 liter of foamy drink contains 330 calories.



You can calculate for hours how many calories are in beer, but these actions are meaningless if you like to absorb harmful snacks together with foamy. A pack of crackers or chips – that’s the source of all troubles. Chemical additives, salt, oils make ready packaged products, loved by many Ukrainians, unsafe for health.

As for beer, it has the lowest caloric content among alcoholic beverages! All because it has low strength. The following types of alcohol contain 2-3 times more calories:

  • wine;
  • champagne;
  • vodka;
  • cognac.

However, these drinks are stronger, so we do not use them in liters.

There’s no point in giving up beer completely. A glass of foamy on a day off with a good quality snack will cheer you up and will not affect your health. Afraid to get better, but can not deny yourself a favorite drink? Choose light varieties and take a snack choice very seriously. Good additions are the following:

  • cuts of sea fish;
  • pistachios;
  • seafood salad.

Baked meat with spicy spices and bitter dark chocolate are harmoniously combined with dark varieties. If the plates absorb French fries, deep-fried rings, chips, salted nuts, and river fish, the weight gain cannot be avoided. The calories that the drink contains are not dangerous to the figure! Put your mind to its consumption in order to obtain the maximum benefit and positive emotions from the process.