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Here are some important recommendations that will help you open a successful beer business and call for cooperation.
Beer trade in Ukraine

Beer trade in Ukraine

Articles 08.12.2016
How is it to sell beer? 12 facts that you must know.
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Beer trade in Ukraine

How is it to sell beer? 12 facts that you must know.

For opening your own store or a pavilion for selling beer, it is necessary to: find a place for the store, find a supplier, register as a subject of entrepreneurial business or as a juridical person and gather all necessary documents. The article will deal with the juridical side of the issue.

Documents for selling beer

  1. The certificate of a subject of entrepreneurial business or a juridical person. If you are a private entrepreneur and plan to sell beer by target, you can work according to the general system of taxation as well as according to the single tax. That person, who deals with the single tax cannot sell beer by wholesale.ЗPay attention to that since 1.06.15 beer has been considered as an alcohol drink. As a result there will be other demands for entrepreneurs.
  2. The certificate of goods quality. It is issued by the enterprise-producer.
  3. Contract for rent of the building or trading area or documents of proprietary right.
  4. Consignment notes for goods.
  5. If you work with the general system of taxation, you will need the register of accounting operations as well as the Raid Call. If you choose the single tax and sell only beer, the book of accounting incomes and expenses will be enough.
  6. Labour contracts and medical books for salesmen (if there are employees).
  7. Permits of sanitary and epidemiological station.

In 2015 wholesale trade of beer and by target has undergone changes, because new law standards become operative.

Selling beer in 2015. Innovation

  1. In 2015 the charge for horticulture, viticulture and hop growing was  rejected. The charge has not been paid by entrepreneurs, who work with the single tax.
  2. An additional excise for trade by target in the size of 5 % has been introduced together with the rejection of charge for hop growing development.
  3. You should also pay attention to forms of the law № 71-VIII from 28.12.2014, which will influence the wholesale trade of beer as well as selling beer by target. This law is about considering beer as an alcohol drink, which has become operative since 1.07.2015. And it means that the license will be necessary for selling beer, if there are not any other explanations of the law.
    Changes will also influence getting licenses for selling alcohol drinks by target.
  4. 11. Since January,1, 2015 you must additionally mark the list of registers of accounting operations and information about them (modification, model, producer, enterprise number, date of production) and address of trade place in the application for getting license.
  5. 12. The single tax rate has reduced twice for small and medium business and moratorium for control for two years has been introduced. You should also pay attention to the law № 1573, which provides the reduction of the single social payment from 41% to 16,4%. We hope that an individual entrepreneur will only profit because of that.

But it is more possible, that regulations of selling beer will still change, because reforms have only started.

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