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How long is beer stored?

How long is beer stored?

Articles 08.12.2016
Peculiarities of storing beer in kegs.
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How long is beer stored?

Peculiarities of storing beer in kegs.

How long is beer stored in kegs? That is one of the first entrepreneur’s, who starts his beer business, questions. Terms differentiate in different producers – from 20 to 60 days.

So, for example, the term of storing “live” beer in kegs from Uman brewery is 20 days. The term of storing beer in open kegs depends on the air temperature and humidity inside the building and does not usually exceed 7 days.

However, there may be some cases, when «flakes» appear in the beer or it sours earlier than in fixed term. The cause – is bad equipment and keg washing. Certainly, sour beer – is the strike for reputation and business of an entrepreneur. That is why it is so important to choose a beer supplier correctly.

The brewery «Umanpyvo» – is a reliable supplier of “live” beer

A new automatic CIP-station that washes and disinfects all equipment, is set at our brewery and all processes of fermentation are held under sterile conditions.

The term of shelf life of beer from Uman brewery always corresponds to the reality, because it is a delicious product, which has a great demand and is liked by consumers.

Fill in a form and get a commercial offer after the consultation. You are not obliged to anything, but you will know the terms of cooperation with our brewery.