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Permit for selling beer. Which laws must an entrepreneur know

Permit for selling beer. Which laws must an entrepreneur know

Articles 08.12.2016
Which laws must an entrepreneur know
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Permit for selling beer.

It is necessary for an entrepreneur, who wants to sell beer:

  1. to register as a physical or a juridical person.
  2. to choose a system of taxation. There are two variants for physical people: a general system of taxation or the single tax (there is the right to sell beer only by target in the last case).
  3. If you work with a general system of taxation, you must get the register of accounting operations and the Raid Call. The book of accounting incomes and expenses is enough for those, who work with the single tax.

A new 2015 year carried new changes into tax legislation, and, especially, in that part, which deals with selling beer. Let’s discuss which documents are now necessary for beer and whether an entrepreneur can sell beer.

The law about beer and taxes for beer. What is necessary for entrepreneurs, who carry on beer business to know

The law of Ukraine № 71-VIII from December, 28, 2014, which considers beer as an alcohol drink,  has become operative on 01.07.2015. What does it mean for an entrepreneur?
Beer was considered as a low-alcohol drink and the license was not necessary for its selling according to the Law of Ukraine № 481/95-VR from December, 19, 1995. Nevertheless, there was the penalty for selling beer to people, who has not reached 18 years.

The license will be necessary according to a new law for selling beer.

How will a new law influence the operation of beer stores and sales points of draught beer?

Think by yourselves.

The price of license for selling alcohol drinks by target is 8000 hryvnas. It is possible, that in 2015 its price will change, and it will not become less.

And a cash register is also necessary for realizing alcohol drinks. And you also need one more account for VAT.

As you see, there is nothing rather critical. Speaking about wholesale dealers, who sell alcohol drinks, the price of license is 500 000 hryvnas per year for them. Besides, they need to register the storehouse, where alcohol is kept.
It is possible, that everything may be simpler in reality, because there are no explanations to the law.

New taxes for beer

New taxes for selling beer were added in 2015 to those, which were in 2014.

So, a new excise for beer, which was 5 % from turnover by target, has been introduced in 2015.

What is pleasant: that charge of 1,5 % for hop growing was annulled. However, entrepreneurs, who worked with the single tax, still did not charge for it and did not report about it.
It is possible that in 2015 other laws, which regulate beer trade, may be adopted.

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