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«Zhyhulivske» light

«Zhyhulivske» light - Glass bottle 0,5 l.
«Zhyhulivske» light - Plastic bottle 1 l.
«Zhyhulivske» light - Keg 50 l.

Tradition of producing «Zhyhulivske» beer by Uman brewery has been continuing since post-war period until nowadays. Classic scheme of its making remains the same.

A brewer with his “attentive eye” always has controlled the stableness of taste qualities since ancient time of beer «Zhyhulivske» thanks to constant renewing equipment, improving technological processes.

Beer has unforgettable, light flavor of malt drink that is combined with hop bitterness. Transparent barley color and distinct perfectly combined bouquet of taste qualities of foamy beer «Zhyhulivske» will not leave indifferent even the most scrupulous consumer.

Alcohol concentration: 4,2%, 11% dry substances.

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