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«Pshenychne» light

«Pshenychne» light - Glass bottle 0,5 l.
«Pshenychne» light - Plastic bottle 1 l.
«Pshenychne» light - Keg 50 l.

Exigent consumers are always looking for new sorts of beer, captiously evaluating and comparing. It has added enthusiasm to specialists of «Umanpyvo» and they decided to develop a new sort of beer, which is composed of wheat.

Technology of producing beer «Pshenychne» has been improving to become perfect step by step. Tasting and poll among consumers were held for getting that flavor, which men as well as women will like.

Beer has soft, exquisite flavor of a malt drink with light wheat fragrance and pleasant hop bitterness. Foam and color of beer are compared with dense porous clouds above the field of ripe wheat.

The presence of wheat in beer gives specific sourness and light sweet tang that is harmoniously transformed into unforgettable impression as a result of foamy drink, which was drunk.

Alcohol concentration: 4,4 %, 11% dry substances.

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