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«Waissburg» light

«Waissburg» light - Glass bottle 0,5 l.
«Waissburg» light - Plastic bottle 1 l.
«Waissburg» light - Keg 50 l.

The first line of beer «Waissburg» light was brewed at the beginning of 2009, and today it is a leader among various assortment of beer market. Brewers and technologists of LLC «Umanpyvo» in cooperation with German brewer Sandra Tormann worked at the establishment of beer masterpiece.

Brewing specialists improved and formed a delicate flavor of beer «Waissburg» step by step with persistent labor, which has become a constant source of pleasure for gourmets of Ukraine.

Beer has excellent clear flavor of a malt drink with a pleasantly distinct hop bitterness. Cooled beer of transparent amber color with a firm head and “dew” on a glass quenches the thirst of the most exigent consumer leaving feel of pleasure and striving for temptation after each gulp.

Alcohol concentration: 4,7 %, 11% dry substances.

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