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«Waissburg» of bearing type

«Waissburg» of bearing type - Glass bottle 0,5 l.
«Waissburg» of bearing type - Plastic bottle 1 l.
«Waissburg» of bearing type - Keg 50 l.

«Waissburg» of bearing type ferments and post-ferments for a rather long time at law temperature that sometimes approximates to 0° С.

This is classic German bearing beer with a delicate bitterness.

Uman bearing beer «Waissburg» is made according to classic recipe. The recipe was invented in XV century by brewers of Bavarian Alps. German got an excellent flavor with an exquisite bitterness when they had been improving technology through years.

A brewer from an ancient German dynasty Sandra Torrmann established a new recipe «Waissburg» of bearing type specially for Uman brewery.

Alcohol concentration: 4,7 %, 11% dry substances.

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