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«Lemonade» from Uman

«Lemonade» from Uman - Glass bottle 0,5 l.
«Lemonade» from Uman - Plastic bottle 1,5 l.
«Lemonade» from Uman - Keg 50 l.

«Lemonmade» from Uman has the same flavor as an old soviet lemonade. There were such drinks as «Buratino» and «Cheburashka», which all soviet children adored. Our lemonade has exactly that flavor, because its composition has not changed in any way.

They use only natural fruits, clear water and natural sugar. There are no sweeteners. They did not use it in soviet lemonade, so it is absent in modern Uman lemonade. Let children know how real lemonade tastes!

We have managed to keep traditional composition in spite of that sweet water with sweeteners and food additives prevail at the market.

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