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«Waissburg Red Ale»

«Waissburg Red Ale» - Glass bottle 0,5 l.
«Waissburg Red Ale» - Keg 50 l.

Beer of this sort has an unusual color of a precious stone – amber. Red color of drink resembles its rare type – goethite.

This is why «Red Ale» — is an elegant drink. Look at beer through a transparent glass: it allures by its color that is combined with hard saturated foam as if it emits warmth.

Beer is distinguished with its saturated fragrance, has clear, distinctly expressed malt flavor, soft post-flavor and light hop bitterness.

Beer was brewed under sterile conditions thanks to a new German Equipment – cylinder and conic tanks. High quality malt of German origin, fragrant hop and rare race of beer yeast were used for making a drink. Brewers had to work with persistence, patience and accuracy of jewelers for creating this new recipe.

«Red Ale» will certainly catch the fancy of those, who strives for elegant pleasure.

Alcohol concentration: 4,7%, 11% dry substances.

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