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No chemistry is used at the production of a drink: no coloring agents, no stabilizers and no food additives. Uman brewery grows brewing barley autonomously and makes malt of it for brewing masters and consumers to be confident in good fragrant qualities of ingredients and absence of GMO. Artesian water and the best hop are used. All ingredients are brewed, fermented and post-fermented in German equipment.

Uman beer is in accordance with the highest quality standards that were adopted in Germany. A brewer from this country regularly visits the enterprise and controls the correctness of performing technological process.

We have also been producing natural lemonade during many years. This drink has that flavor, which it had in soviet period because of its traditional ingredients.


«Weissburg» of bearing type

This is classic German bearing beer with a delicate bitterness.


«Zhyhulivske» light

Tradition of producing «Zhyhulivske» beer by Uman brewery has been continuing since post-war period until nowadays. Classic scheme of its making remains the same.

A brewer with his “attentive eye” always has controlled the stableness of taste qualities since ancient time of beer «Zhyhulivske» thanks to constant renewing equipment, improving technological processes.


«Pshenychne light

Exigent consumers are always looking for new sorts of beer, captiously evaluating and comparing. It has added enthusiasm to specialists of «Umanpyvo» and they decided to develop a new sort of beer, which is composed of wheat.



Beer «Medove-2002» has soft fresh flavor and perfect drinking ability, which are immanent for all products of the enterprise «Umanpyvo».


«Lemonade» from Uman

«Lemonmade» from Uman has the same flavor as an old soviet lemonade. There were such drinks as «Buratino» and «Cheburashka», which all soviet children adored. Our lemonade has exactly that flavor, because its composition has not changed in any way.


«Uman Smoke-Dried»

«Uman Smoke-Dried» – is beer, which has a special flavor and inexpressible note of smoking in its fragrance. A characteristic smoke tang resembles flavor of bacon.

Secret of such unusual flavor – is in method of malt treatment. Malt is dried in an oven with open fire, where it takes exactly that smoked fragrance.


«Uman dark»

This sort of beer has ruby red color with unusual dark head of beer foam. Hop fragrance prevails in a bouquet and fried malt adds piquant bitterness.

Beer is distinguished by its soft and non-tart post-flavor with light sweet caramel aftertaste.


Cerveza de la Vida

Imagine how hard is to create an exquisite taste of beer. You`ll need to go step by step, improving by every next generation of true masters of brewing.