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Do you want to set up your own sales point of draught beer? Do you want to entertain your visitors to natural “live” beer and tasty snacks? Or do you strive for offering the menu of full value of hot starters and main courses, salads and deserts to beer to your guests? Plan is necessary […]

The excise tax – is an indirect tax on use of separate kinds of goods (production), determined by Tax Code of Ukraine as excisable, which is included into the price of those goods (products). Excise rates are set in asset 215 of Tax Code of Ukraine. Changes of tax legislation in Ukraine have inured since […]

Dear Friends! Assortment of our production has renewed. We have organized the production of a new sort and we present it to you with honor «Red Ale». This drink is unusual because of its color as well as because of its flavor qualities. Its color resembles rare and valuable amber – glessite. Beer has saturated […]

Export of beer from Ukraine reached 17 million dollars according to the sum of the first 8 months. And the main importer of our beer became Poland. Beer was exported for 2011000 dollars in August. The largest importer country of Ukrainian beer became Poland in 2015 (5058000 dollars, 29,41% of the whole volume). The second […]

Working party of the Committee of Tax and Customs Issues of the Supreme Soviet of Ukraine held the meeting on September, 8, 2015, where they discussed problems of licensing of small breweries. A deputy minister of economic development and trade of Ukraine Maxym Nefiodov informed about it on his page in Facebook. “Working party decided […]

Seventy six percent of consumers planned to buy fizzy drinks and clearly knew, the drink of which brand and with what flavor they need.  And how are chips, biscuits, juices and yoghurts chosen today? The journal «Pivnoie Delo» published results of investigation Nielsen. Specialists of the company Nielsen Smart Shopper continue learning consumers’ behavior up to date. […]

People had mastered brewing earlier, than baking bread. Beer has been one of the most famous drinks in the world for about 8 000 years. As for about market of beer in Ukraine, a certain decrease of the level of producing this drink was observed in 2014-2015. What is the reason? And what influenced the demand? They […]

As we know, Beer in Ukraine is compared with alcohol drinks that cause different reactions of people. For example, «small» and «medium» breweries apprehended such changes negatively, because they will pay a lot of money for the license. Is there the solution of this problem? Deputy Minister of Finance Olena Makieieva affirms that it is […]

Ukrainian brewershave produced 98,1 million dals of beer (without taking into account soft beer and beer with low alcohol concentration – to 0,5 %) since January to July of this year according to the data of the State Committee on Statistics. In general, this index has reduced for 24,1 % as compared with analogical period […]