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Uman beer has natural ingredients and excellent flavor!

Beer production has begun in 1878. Production of foamy drink of high quality had not stopped in spite of difficult time and revolutionary events. Uman brewers have not lost traditions of brewing. Moreover, our beer became better thanks to cooperation with German beer masters! It has perfect taste and is excellent for drinking! Only natural high-quality raw materials of our own production together with German technologies guarantee stable flavor and your pleasure! Each sort of beer has its own original unique recipe, but the basis of each sort is barley malt, which was carefully gathered in Uman fields that was grown and processed at our own modern malt-house. Fragrant malt enriched our beer with heady fragrance; yeast balanced and fulfilled it with natural carbon dioxide.


Beer production is held with the help of German equipment and with accurate following technological parameters in the context of original recipes that were written by German masters of brewing.
Process of beer production undergoes systematic audit with independent experts from Germany for reaching perfect taste qualities.
If we take clear water from Artesian horizons,
add malt that is filled with sun gold of Uman fields, fragrant hop from Bavaria,
secret race of brewing yeast and the main ingredient: love and diligence of Uman brewers,
as a result, we get «Umanpyvo» - natural beer for your pleasure!
Beer is brewed using German equipment and according to ancient Bavarian and Ukrainian recipes.
The whole process of brewing is subjected to control of an expert from Germany 3 or 4 times a year.